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Holistic Ministry

Rev. Kate Franta offers one-on-one sessions at our office, or ceremonies at your location, to meet your needs.  Ceremonies include:  Weddings, Memorials, Blessing Way and Baby Blessings, Coming of Age, Letting Go, Forgiveness, and Eldership ceremonies.

All big transitions in life used to be marked with the community coming together.  We don’t have to lose this tradition!  Ritual and ceremony help us celebrate, mourn, move on, let go, step into a new role (as adult, spouse, parent, retiree), and honor what has changed.  We honor the past so we can move forward and live fully now.  Together we create personalized ceremonies just for you.

Private appointments are available for those who are at a crossroads, who don’t know where else to turn, and for those for whom the Western Medical model has not fully served.  From seekers who need direction on their path to parents of young children who want to teach their kids spiritual something but aren’t comfortable with organized religion…all are welcome.  We can combine bodywork  with the ministry to fully engage your cells, your mind, and your spirit  for the most integrative healing experience.

Weddings and memorials start at $200.00.  Other ceremonies start at $150.00.  One-on-one sessions are all $85.00 for one hour; $120.00 for an hour and a half.